Harvie and the Magic Museum
Lighting & Fur Pipeline TD
Deep 2017 animatoin movie
Lighting & Build Pipeline TD
michiel de ruyter
Michiel De Ruyter
Lighting & Cloth Pipeline TD
asterix and the land of gods animation movie
Asterix & Land Of Gods
Pipeline TD
Oops...noah is gone movie
Oops Noah Is Gone...
Lighting Pipeline TD
jack et la mecanique du coeur movie
Jack et la mecanique...
Pipeline Supervisor
marnie animation movie
Lighting & Fur Pipeline TD
Julius Styles, Wesley Snipes video game for iOS
Julius Styles - iOS
Level Tool Developer
little luke and lucy animation tv series
Little Luke And Lucy
Lighting Pipeline TD
labyrinthus flemish movie
Lead Pipeline TD
ziggy and the zoo tram tv series
Ziggy and the zoo tram
Lighting Pipeline TD
yoyo tv series with yohe and yoshe
Lighting Pipeline TD
picnic with cake, based on a childrens book and brough to live in 3D
Picnic with Cake
Lead Pipeline TD


With my background in Graphics, Web, Game, Animation and VFX I have experience with a lot of different artistic workflows & technologies.
Languages English French Dutch Italian
Programming Languages Python C++ Maxscript JavaScript ActionScript PHP C# Java
3D Packages Maya 3ds Max Modo Blender
Render Engines Arnold V-Ray Modo
Database Systems MongoDB MS SQL MySQL
Real-Time Engines Unity 3D PixiJS SDL2
Compositing Packages Photoshop Nuke Fusion
Production Tracking Shotgun FTrack
API OpenGL Qt Deadline Flask Tank
Development Git GitLab PyCharm Sublime Text pytest flake8 pep8


For my personal projects I try to gain experience and knowledge in all kinds of technologies. Graphics Programming, Games, Tools, Web.

About Me

Bridging the gap between technology and arts. Looking for challenging experiences where I can deploy all my current knowledge and learn from other people with the same passions.

I always develop in a Version Controlled environment (Git). I implement unit tests and integration tests to resolve bugs and test features. CI (continuous integration) is an important tool for me to test and analyze my code when it gets send to the server.

User Interface and User Experience is important and a must. All tools must be self explainable, documented and simple to use.