Sven Fraeys
Pipeline Developer

About Me

I have over 8 years of experience as a Software Developer in a wide range of different media industries. My expertise is tool & pipeline development in Python and C++.

Working on VFX, Animation Films & Video Game projects I develop software, tools and pipeline systems for the artists & productions.


  • Programming experience in Python & C++

  • International work experience in UK, Finland & Belgium

  • A wide range of skillset gained from different media industries (vfx, animation, games, web & print)

  • Developed a personal OpenGL Render Engine using SDL and C++

  • Working on Open Source Projects to help the community

  • I have a background and interest in art & graphics


Pipeline Developer for VFX and Animation

  • Working on Visual Effects Productions and Animation Feature Films
  • Developing on pipeline with a large development team spread across the world
  • Tool development and pipeline integration for the artists
  • Research And Development in new technologies

Custom OpenGL Render Engine

  • OpenGL Rendering Engine written in C++ & SDL2
  • Custom Math Library: Quaternions, Matrices, Vectors
  • Lighting: spotlight, point light & directional light
  • Material: Diffuse, Specular, Ambient, Bump, Reflection, Refraction, Skybox
  • Entity Component Based Architecture

Coding Challenges

  • Learning new algorithms & APIs
  • Understanding Machine learning & Genetic Algorithms
  • Rendering Engine & Path tracing
  • Maze solvers, Tree generation, LTree

Open Source Contribution

  • On Github I open source my projects for artists and developers
  • I experiment with new technologies
  • Share artist tools for DCC software
  • Make tools to speed up programming development


Languages Dutch English French Italian
Programming Languages Python C++ Maxscript ActionScript C# JavaScript PHP Java
3D Packages Maya 3ds Max Modo Blender Gaffer
Render Engines Arnold Modo V-Ray
Game Engines Unity 3D Unreal Engine PixiJS
2D Packages Nuke Photoshop Fusion Illustrator In-Design
Production Tracking Shotgun FTrack
Operating Systems Linux Windows MacOS
API Qt Tank MaterialX Deadline Google API SDL2 OpenGL GLSL SQL Alchemy Flask Flask-RESTful Flask-Login Tractor Requests matplotlib Pyramid Android
Development Git Git LFS PyCharm Sublime Text Jira Redmine Jenkins Upsource Vim pytest pep8
Database MongoDB MS SQL MySQL

Work Experience

Cinesite - London, UK
Pipeline Developer

August 2017 - present ● 2 years 2 months

Grid VFX - Ghent, Belgium
Pipeline Developer

May 2014 - July 2017 ● 3 years 8 months

The Fridge - Brussels, Belgium
Pipeline Developer

Oct 2013 - Dec 2013 ● 3 months

Walking The Dog - Brussels, Belgium
Pipeline Supervisor

Sep 2011 - Nov 2013 ● 2 years 3 months

iNFRANEA - Antwerp, Belgium
Software Developer for Real-time Visualization

Sep 2011 - Nov 2011 ● 3 months

Technical Artist for Games
Lapland Studio - Rovaniemi, Finland

Feb 2011 - Jun 2012 ● 6 months
C# Unity Maxscript 3ds max MacOS

See All 8 Work Experiences with details >


I worked on 20 Productions: 8 Visual Effects, 7 Animation Feature Films, 4 Animated TV-Series & 1 Shipped Video Game Title

The Witcher
Pipeline Developer
Avengers Endgame
Avengers: Endgame
Pipeline Developer
Avengers Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War
Pipeline Developer
asterix and the land of gods animation movie
Asterix & Land Of Gods
Pipeline TD
Robin Hood
Pipeline Developer
Pipeline Developer


12 Personal projects to experiment in Graphics Programming, Games, Tools, Web

c++ opengl engine viking room
OpenGL Rendering Engine
procedural generated mountains with OpenGL
Terrain Generator
OpenGL, SDL, C++
Unity Video Game
Python Fold
Python Fold
Smart code folding
totex texture baking
Totex - Render To Texture
procedural generated mountains with OpenGL
+30 Coding Challenges

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